Maxine's a bit of a dork and knows it.  Goofy and a little clumsy she is also prone to blurting things out at inopportune moments.  She sometimes marvels at her ability to make everyday situations completely and excruciatingly awkward.  It's her talent. Luckily, Maxine is an endearing kind of weirdo.  Her friends appreciate her obsessive-compulsive quirks and her kooky sense of humour - although it is often unclear whether Max intends to be quite so funny.  Above everything else - Maxine is a hopeless romantic.  She's convinced her own collection of personality traits is utterly unattractive to the male population.

Max lives vicariously through the love lives of her best friends Hailey and Tim - and she's made it her mission to solve the mystery of their break up.